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Price: $199

Mark LoProto / Review Geek

Portable chargers are a dime a dozen. Shargeek opted to break the mold with the retro, cyberpunk-themed Storm Slim Portable Power Bank. While the concept is neat, it merely highlights the simplicity of a power bank while failing to hide minor shortcomings.

I was initially very excited about seeing the inner workings of the Storm Slim. Who invested in the tech industry doesn’t like to see how everything comes together to make these marvelous devices work? The issue winds up being that some aspects of technology aren’t as fascinating as they may sound, and that’s the biggest disappointment with the Storm Slim. It’s a more-than-serviceable 130W power bank, but the retro design leaves something to be desired. A lack of neon or LED lighting makes it feel like you’re holding a prototype aimed at showcasing the device’s mechanics.

As a portable power bank, the Storm Slim’s size and heft are a little off-putting. However, I was generally pleased with the overall output and charging speeds when I did put Shargeek’s charger to work. It may not have hit the rates the device is advertised as being capable of, but charging didn’t seem to move at a snail’s pace, either.

Here’s What We Like

  • Convenient, portable charging for a range of devices
  • Charging is slightly faster than a standard charger
  • IPS display is attractive and offers a lot of information

And What We Don’t

  • Rather heavy to carry around
  • Charging isn’t as fast as advertised
  • Clear design is a little gimmicky

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Rapid Charging That Just Misses the Mark

  • Output: 100W (USB-C), 30W (USB-A) (130W total if using 2 ports)
  • Input: 65W (USB-C)
  • Capacity: 20,000mAh

The Shargeek Storm Slim comes with two charging ports—a USB-C input/output port and a USB-A output. The versatility to plug into any device is definitely a plus, though it would have been nice if it shipped with a universal USB-C cord to maximize convenience. It does come with a thick USB-C to USB-C cable, but Apple’s previous resilience to switch to a USB-C port for its iPhone line means you’ll need to supply your own Lightning cord if you’re not using an Android handheld.

The Storm Slim is advertised as being capable of achieving a 100W output through its USB-C charging port, but don’t expect to always hit that mark. Charging my Lenovo laptop via the USB-C port, the Storm Slim reached an average maximum output of 44W, which is definitely respectable for a portable charger.

Note: Just because a charger can reach a maximum output of 100W, it does not mean your device can accept that much power. Most electronics can smartly regulate/limit how much electricity is being inputted. The input will also fluctuate depending on how your device’s battery percentage.

It did seem to charge a bit faster than when plugged into its standard charger. I saw similar results with the USB-A port, which is rated at 30W. When charging my iPhone, it only achieved a 7 to 11W output.

These aren’t outstanding numbers, considering what Shargeek promises, but my devices did charge slightly faster using the Storm Slim. My iPhone typically takes two and a half hours for a full charge, but the portable power bank cuts that time by a little over a half hour.

A Gimmicky Case

Mark LoProto / Review Geek

  • Ports: USB-C, USB-A
  • Case: Fire-Proof, Drop-Proof PC
  • Display: IPS Screen

What seems to be the real draw of the Storm Slim is its design. A transparent fireproof and drop-proof case gives you a glimpse at the inner workings of the power bank. Unfortunately, it’s really an unremarkable display of components that could have benefited from backlighting.

Much of the unit is comprised of four 5,000mAh batteries, which add quite a bit of heft to the unit. It may be billed as a portable power bank, but don’t expect to carry the Storm Slim around in your pocket comfortably. It’s quite weighty, and though it’s easy to hold, you won’t want to for long.

Mark LoProto / Review Geek

In actuality, the main attraction is the Storm Slim’s IPS display, which reads like a retro cyberpunk panel. It’s a clear and colorful readout of total output, input, battery temperature, and voltage. For cyberpunk fans and technophiles, it’s a great feature. If you just want something that keeps your devices charged, it may not do anything for you.

If all you care about is seeing how much is being outputted to your devices, save a few bucks and pick up something like the URVNS USB-C cable that has an integrated screen in the plug.

Should You Buy the Storm Slim Portable Power Bank? 

Overall, Shargeek’s Storm Slim Portable Power Bank is a reliable and durable unit that generally performs as advertised. The charging output may not be as efficient as Shargeek claims, but it’s definitely enough to keep your devices powered throughout the day.

While the case design is initially interesting, you start to realize there could be more to punch it up. A simple LED glow would have gone a long way, especially since the most vibrant part of the bank, its screen, is so small. There is a lot displayed on the screen, should you want to keep up with the power bank’s efficiency and battery status. However, much of it won’t matter to more casual users.

The Shargeek Storm Slim is a decent portable power bank that primarily suffers from being a little on the larger and heavier side. While I may not have been able to achieve the max advertised output, I was overall pleased with how quickly my devices were charging from a portable power unit.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option that gives your smartphone an extra life while out and about, give the Benks MagClap On-Go Power Bank a look. It may not have a clear design, but it is MagSafe-compatible (and even features a magnetic ring for non-MagSafe-compatible phones). And if you want to make sure your portable power bank is a last priority rather than an everyday essential, give wireless chargers like the Nomad Base One Max a look. Plop your phone down on a charging puck at night and walk out the door with a fully-charged phone in the morning.

Here’s What We Like

  • Convenient, portable charging for a range of devices
  • Charging is slightly faster than a standard charger
  • IPS display is attractive and offers a lot of information

And What We Don’t

  • Rather heavy to carry around
  • Charging isn’t as fast as advertised
  • Clear design is a little gimmicky


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